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Congressman Pete King

Representing the 2nd District of New York

In The News

Feb 7, 2009 In The News

A new study by researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center confirms the terrible truth about the long-term damage suffered by many rescue and recovery workers who responded to the World Trade Center.

Feb 6, 2009 In The News

President Obama, under fire for suspending trials of suspected terrorists and for phasing out the Guantanamo prison in Cuba, has invited relatives of 9/11 victim's to the White House for a meeting today.

Feb 4, 2009 In The News

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) has introduced a bill in Congress called the Jobs for Veterans Act. It offers tax incentives to businesses that hire Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Feb 4, 2009 In The News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ultimate Fighting Championship has come to Washington to engage in the city's ultimate sport: lobbying.

Jan 29, 2009 In The News

WASHINGTON - For Long Island's four House Democrats, the $819-billion economic recovery package that they helped their party approve in Congress yesterday was a must-pass bill, its spending and tax cuts needed to get things moving again.

Jan 29, 2009 In The News

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., introduced the Jobs for Veterans Act, H.R. 620, into Congress on Jan. 22. His bill offers a tax incentive to businesses that hire Iraq and Afghanistan veterans - a win-win plan to help veterans and businesses get through the tough economy.

Jan 28, 2009 In The News

WASHINGTON - President Obama is poised to vault over his biggest legislative hurdle Wednesday when the House is expected to pass his $825 billion stimulus package, with or without the Republican minority.

Jan 28, 2009 In The News

A bill forcing cellphone cameras to make a sound when taking shots has been introduced in Congress, with its sponsor citing voyeuristic and exploitative picture-taking as the reason behind it.

Jan 28, 2009 In The News

Just as talk gets serious about cutting U.S. troop levels in Iraq, Congress also appears to be getting serious about providing limited free mailing privileges so that letters and small packages can be sent by friends and family to deployed service members.

Jan 27, 2009 In The News

High-flying Citigroup executives, trying desperately to hang on to their new, $50 million luxury jet, took heavy flak yesterday from the White House and Congress after The Post revealed how the beleaguerred bank is blowing taxpayers' rescue funds.