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Congressman Pete King

Representing the 2nd District of New York

In The News

Dec 5, 2017 In The News
Long Islanders and other New Yorkers have one more long-shot chance to influence the tax legislation before it becomes enacted into law — and topping their wish list is restoration of the state and local tax deduction.
Nov 16, 2017 In The News
New York Republicans are making a last-minute attempt to save a tax deduction that heavily benefits homeowners, but the prospects of a compromise are looking increasingly unlikely, key lawmakers say.
Nov 9, 2017 In The News
As a member of the Animal Protection Congressional Caucus, I seek every opportunity to support legislation that serves to protect the most vulnerable amongst us. That is why I have co-sponsored the Animal Emergency Planning Act of 2017.
Nov 8, 2017 In The News
After spending the last two months learning about government, seniors at Massapequa High School were able to interact with someone who experiences it every day. Congressman Peter King recently visited the school on to speak with students in the Advanced Placement government classes.
Nov 1, 2017 In The News
New York Republican lawmakers said they sent a proposal to House leaders Wednesday afternoon that would retain full property taxes deductions and partial deductions for state income taxes in the tax overhaul that is scheduled to be unveiled Thursday.
Oct 25, 2017 In The News
Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee announced on Tuesday they would be opening an investigation into the Obama-era Uranium One deal, which gave Russia a 20% stake in U.S. uranium mining capacity.
Oct 24, 2017 In The News
While I strongly believe our tax code needs to be reformed and simplified, everything must be done to ensure property tax and state income tax deductions are preserved.
Oct 17, 2017 In The News
The situation in Puerto Rico is extremely critical. Hurricane Maria caused a horrific loss of life and property. It also damaged or destroyed almost all of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, including ports, runways, and the power grid.
Oct 11, 2017 In The News
As members of Congress from different parties, we disagree on many issues. However, we both support the kind of tax reform that would create jobs, simplify the tax code and strengthen the middle class. And, there’s no disagreement between us that state and local tax deductions can’t be eliminated from our federal income taxes as the administration has proposed in its tax reform plan.
Oct 6, 2017 In The News
Republican lawmakers from New York, New Jersey, California and other high-tax states warned House leaders Thursday that tax reform won’t pass if it fully repeals state and local tax deductions.